Hello all!

Welcome to Unilome Cmty,llc!

I am so very excited to finally be launching and sharing the next chapter of our collective journey! I will keep it short and sweet, so we can get into the point of what we are hoping to create,why our vision has purpose and how you fit in within our community.

My name is Rachelle,im 41,have 3 young adult children (21/17/13)1 boy;2 girls. I'm going through a divorce after 23 years of marriage,and my ex husband is acting like a bitter baby mama. I am however engaged to the true love of my life. she is amazing in all ways. We plan to get married Feb 2023!🥰

I created Unilome with the goal of peace at the forefront. Going through this divorce is hard af,along with my hormones,and mental state out of wack because im about to be 42,I'm holding on the best I can.

I remember needing to be alone to sort out my thoughts and assess my reality. Because all I'd ever known was the 23 years I'd just gotten out of. I got married at 19. I look at my son 21,and his gf 19 and shudder to even think about them getting married.

I digress. Anyway,I created unilome because through out my whole life as far as I can remember,being alone surrounded by the earthy smell of nature first thing in the morning was a feeling like no other. I realized every time i needed to reset and realign, i always went to a place of isolation for solace,a place to reasses and recharge my spirit. I was lost after my separation. My ex kicked me out with literally no where to go. Thankfully my son was house sitting for my now fiancée,and I stayed one night over there. The next day I went to a hotel provided by her,and I stated 2 days until I drove to my contract assignment. For the next year I traveled. It was fun but I missed home. Most importantly,I missed my family. I came home at the end of August. Ready to go back to working locally

I decided to fly to California august 20th to see my girls,and my ex literally kicked me out of California

I spent 2 weeks at my mom's grieving the loss of my girls. Not in a literal sense but the relationship and connection was no longer familiar.

I came home Sept 9th..I was set to go back to work on the 15th. Sept 13th i went to the emergency room. On the 15th,I had emergency surgery, which happened tobe a partial hysterectomy.

I recovered,and in October I went back on assignment. I went back to Pecos,and it wasn't the same. I left Dec 30th,and I've been traveling locally ever since.

I've been through alot. I will keep going though. My favorite saying is "I didn't come this far,to come this far" Namaste 🙏🏼🦋

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